Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Italy
PrEP in Italy

What is PrEP? 

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis. It’s a medicine that prevents HIV infection. By taking a pill before and after sex, you are protected against HIV.  

Where can I find PrEP in Italy? Is it free in Italy? 

PrEP is not free in Italy. In order to get PrEP in Italy you need a prescription, which is given by a doctor specialized in infectious diseases (infettivologo in Italian). With this prescrition, you can buy PrEP at the pharmacy store.

You can find doctors/clinics that prescribe PrEP on this page:

Unfortunately, not in all Italian cities there are PrEP clinics.

Which tests will the infectious doctor prescribe you?

Periodically the doctor prescribes you kidney tests because because PrEP could cause kidney problems. From our experience this is very rare, but if there are problems, you have just to stop taking PrEP and your kidney functions will return as before.

The doctor also prescribes periodic tests for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.

Is there a charge for the visit and tests with the infection disease specialist?

It depends on the clinics.  

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